Speller Metcalfe celebrates 25 years in business

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Speller Metcalfe celebrates 25 years in business

Malvern-based construction company Speller Metcalfe is celebrating a milestone 25 years in business.

Established in 1995 in Cradley and now headquartered in Malvern, Worcestershire, the firm remains in the ownership of Steve Speller and Andy Metcalfe, both of whom maintain a strong presence as joint managing directors.

Back in 1995, when experienced quantity surveyors Steve and Andy first set up Speller Construction (as the firm was then known), they could have never imagined their venture would grow from hand-painted sign boards and just one site manager, to a family business of more than 200 staff and a £120m turnover that has twice been named the UK’s Building Contractor of the Year.

“We were disenchanted with the company we were working for and decided to give it a go on our own. We didn’t have two bob to our names but we had passion and wanted to do things better than we saw being done by other companies.” said Steve Speller.

“What Speller Metcalfe has grown into over the past 25 years is something Andy and I are incredibly proud of, and it is all down to the fantastic people we employ, many of whom have been with us since almost the beginning.”

Despite how much the company has grown, both Andy and Steve reiterate it is their family values that have stood the business in good stead. “I’m proud to say they still form the foundation to who we are and that Speller Metcalfe is still a place where others who hold the same values want to come to work.” added Andy Metcalfe.

“And for the future, as with the last 25 years, the business will keep evolving and responding to the ever-changing needs of the world around us. But as long as we keep true to the belief that we respect and trust our team, we’ll be keeping alive the spark that drove us to the start of this journey.”

Speller Metcalfe celebrated their milestone year with the support of local MP for West Worcestershire, Harriett Baldwin, who joined the joint MD Steve and his two sons, Pre-Construction Director, James, and Technical Director, Adrian, at the firm’s head office at the Enigma Business Park in Malvern.

Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire, commented: “I was delighted to be invited to join Steve and his team to celebrate an impressive silver anniversary. Speller Metcalfe is one of the largest employers in my constituency and this local family run business has a foothold in so many impressive construction projects across the county and beyond.

“I was particularly pleased to hear this local company is looking to support more apprenticeship opportunities through its subcontractor network. Local construction employers have a crucial role to play as we look to build back better and I look forward to seeing this great company going from strength to strength in the coming years.”

Over their 25 year history, Speller Metcalfe has worked primarily across the midlands and south west to deliver some of the country’s most exciting, sustainable and innovative construction projects across an array of sectors and industries, including world firsts and dozens of award-winning schemes.

The firm has worked on the first three IPI (Integrated Project Insurance) projects – a government-backed construction delivery model which cuts the traditional divide between client and contractors, and promotes true collaborative working, and has also delivered the highest rated BREEAM project in the world for Western Power Distribution in Spilsby.

Pre-construction director, James Speller, said: “Despite the huge challenges we and many others have faced throughout 2020, we find ourselves in a fantastic position as we come into our 25th year with a strong forward secured workload and some exciting new projects in the pipeline.

“From cutting my teeth in the family business as a general labourer nearly 20 years ago to now heading up the pre-construction side of the company, it has been amazing to see Speller Metcalfe grow and the positive direction we continue to move in.”

“As we look to the future, Speller Metcalfe will continue as we have always done – pushing boundaries and aspiring to be at the cutting edge of construction – challenging how things have always done and working towards the betterment of the industry,” said Technical Director, Adrian Speller.

“Whether that be through leading the way in collaborative working or through pioneering sustainable construction methods, Speller Metcalfe represents a true example of how construction should be delivered – honestly, fairly and collaboratively – and holding onto this approach will stand us in good stead for continued success over the next 25 years!”

Pictured L-R: Adrian Speller – Technical Director, James Speller – Pre-Construction Director, Steve Speller – Joint Managing Director, and Harriett Baldwin – MP for West Worcestershire.

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