Speller Metcalfe Frameworks

Crown Commercial Services – Construction Works and Associated Services

Delivering a wide range of major and minor building, and civil engineering projects for central government and the wider public sector.

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  • Lots: Lot 2 – £3-10M  (North England)
    Lot 3.2 – £10 – 30M (South England)
    Lot 6.1 – Residential (North England)
  • Region(s): North England, South England
  • Clients: DWP, DIO, All Public sector organisations


Crown Commercial Services (CCS) is the biggest public sector procurement organisation in the UK. The Construction Works and Associated Services (CWAS) framework delivers a wide range of major and minor building, and civil engineering projects for central government and the wider public sector.

The framework enables public sector organisations and their arm’s-length bodies to access all types of building and civil engineering works with a flexible contract structure designed to provide solutions for varying customer requirements. It includes advanced, innovative contract arrangements, allowing customers to procure programmes of work as self-managed sub-alliances.

The framework is arranged in 11 lots and sub-lots of varying levels of complexity, with values from £0 – £3m up to £80m+.

Visit Crown Commercial Services Website:  https://www.crowncommercial.gov.uk/



Speller Metcalfe and SCF CCS

Speller Metcalfe is an approved contractor for the delivery of:

  • Lot 2: Construction Works £3 – £10M – North England
  • Lot 3.2: Constructions Works £10 – £30M – South England
  • Lot 6.1: Residential Works – North England


Key benefits include:

  • Flexible approach allows use of all common construction procurement routes;
  • Supports early engagement of the supply chain;
  • Supports the implementation of government policies and strategies;
  • Brings together industry with the end user to promote collaboration;
  • Improves outputs by adopting an innovative framework alliance approach;
  • Promotes innovation and efficiency through the adoption of technology and modern methods of construction (MMC);
  • Supports the use of whole life cost approaches in public sector spending;
  • Introduces government “boilerplate” clauses to standardise industry terms and conditions for best value;
  • Supports a sustainable industry through prompt payment and social value initiatives;
  • Provides access to SMEs at regional level;
  • Complements integrated CCS frameworks for construction professional services, modular building, building materials and facilities management.


The framework supports the implementation of the following government policies and strategies:

  • Building information modelling (BIM)
  • Life cycle cost
  • Prompt payment
  • Project bank accounts
  • Early contractor involvement
  • Aligns suppliers and customers in achieving agreed success measures


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