Integrated Project Insurance

Introducing a new method of construction procurement, promoting true integration and collaboration

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Integrated Project Insurance

Integrated Project Insurance or ‘IPI’ is an innovative, next-generation model of procurement capable of being applied to a vast range of projects in the public and private sectors, trialled and promoted by the Government Construction Strategies 2011 and 2016 – 2020, and has, “the potential to be transformational for the industry,” (CE Report 2018).

This fresh approach unlocks the potential of integrated collaborative working by aligning the interests of all team members with the needs of the client, assuring solutions are achievable and insuring project outcomes rather than individual liabilities from the outset.

IPI Model from Speller Metcalfe on Vimeo.

Where can I see it?

Completed in 2017, the multi-award winning Advance II at Dudley College of Technology was the trial project for IPI, and was subsequently hailed as an ‘industry game changer’ by Constructing Excellence, followed by the £14m Derby Silk Mill, and the UK’s first restoration IPI scheme. There is currently one live IPI project, the £26m Institute of Technology (design stage – and the second IPI scheme for Dudley College).

Why Speller Metcalfe?

Speller Metcalfe is the only contractor in the UK to have delivered IPI, working as main contractor on all three completed and live projects. With an enviable portfolio and an award-winning track record, we fully support the IPI methodology, which embraces our core principles of collaboration, non-confrontational working and a ‘best for project’ approach.

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