Speller Metcalfe Frameworks

Constructing West Midlands (CWM)

CWM offers a readymade delivery vehicle for capital, repair and maintenance works.

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Lots: Typically up to £5M (with ability to include higher values where required) 

Region(s): Wider West Midlands

Clients we have delivered projects for through the framework: City of Wolverhampton College, Kidderminster Town Council, Rooftop Housing Group, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Tamworth Borough Council, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council, Warwick District Council, Worcester City Council


Constructing West Midlands (CWM) comprises a suite of OJEU-compliant, publicly owned and managed frameworks managed by Acivico Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Birmingham City Council. CWM is a readymade delivery vehicle for capital, repair and maintenance works.

The Constructing West Midlands Capital Works Framework was first established in 2011 and has delivered more than £2-billion of projects throughout the West Midlands region.

A collaboration between Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council and Acivico Limited (which is wholly owned by Birmingham City Council), the framework is one of only 11 UK frameworks to be a member of the National Association of Construction Frameworks (the NACF).

Simple-to-use, cost effective and OJEU compliant, it gives clients access to impartial industry experts and some of the UK’s leading contractors.

Visit Constructing West Midlands (CWM) Website: https://www.constructingwestmidlands.co.uk/


Speller Metcalfe and CWM

Speller Metcalfe is an approved contractor for the delivery of projects through:

Lot 1 Typically up to £5M (with ability to include higher values where required) across the wider West Midlands region.


Key benefits include:

  • Cost and time savings via the adoption of a more efficient procurement process;
  • 17 year track record in delivery of public sector projects;
  • Affiliated with the NACF;
  • Run by region-specific public sector organisations;
  • Simple to access, flexible framework structure which can be tailored to individual client needs;
  • Market leading contractors with a proven track record in the delivery of public sector projects:
    • Delivery of high-quality construction projects on time and on budget;
    • Committed to sustainability and the provision of social value;
    • Work collaboratively at all stages of project delivery.


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