Speller Metcalfe Frameworks

NHS Shared Businesses Services
(PS-Works: Public Sector Construction Works)

Providing a compliant route to market for the provision of quality and value for money construction works projects.

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Lots: Lot 1 – £0 – £2.5M / Lot 2 – £2.5 – 5M

Region(s): South West, West Midlands

Clients we have delivered projects for through this framework: Herefordshire Council, NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Warwickshire Colleges Group


NHS Shared Business Services are a national provider of frameworks for the entirety of the UK Public Sector. NHS SBS aims to provide a compliant route to market for all client needs, delivering industry standard levels of procurement options.

The aim of this framework is to provide the NHS and wider public sector clients with a compliant route to market for the provision of quality and value for money construction works projects from a mixture of Tier 1 and regional contractors. The framework provides pricing structures such as overheads and profits, design fees and rate cards for members of staff and is suitable for Design and Build, Build only and Refurbishment projects. The frameworks have been designed with flexibility in mind. This includes providing flexible choice of contact terms, wider regionalised supplier base, clear pricing structure and collaborative framework terms using the FAC-1.

All public sector organisations across the UK including NHS, local authorities, universities, schools, housing associations, police, blue lights, central government and all third sector organisations can access the framework.

Visit NHS Shared Business Services Framework Website: https://www.sbs.nhs.uk/


Speller Metcalfe and NHS SBS

Speller Metcalfe is an approved contractor for the delivery of:

  • Lot 1 – Healthcare and Public Sector £0 – £2.5M – South West
  • Lot 1 – Healthcare and Public Sector £0 – £2.5M – West Midlands
  • Lot 2 – Healthcare and Public Sector £2.5 – £5M – South West
  • Lot 2 – Healthcare and Public Sector £2.5 – £5M – West Midlands


Key benefits include:

  • OJEU Compliant: A detailed procurement exercise means no formal tendering is required, saving valuable time and money;
  • Mini Competitions: Ability to tailor individual requirements via the use of further competitions;
  • Direct Award: The agreement allows all participating authorities to direct award if the conditions laid out in the Framework are met;
  • Clear pricing structure: Regionalised pricing structure for Lots 1-3 and uniform national pricing structure for Lots 4 & 5;
  • Form of Call-off Contract: The choice and flexibility to utilise a number of model form contracts such as JCT and NEC;
  • Collaborative: The framework is built upon the FAC-1 contract to ensure collaboration throughout;
  • Local and national contractors: The agreement allows for access to both national contractors and regional SMEs to suit all types of construction projects;
  • Government strategy and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC): Supports government strategy by ensuring that social value, sustainability and MMC are incorporated within the agreement to ensure best value;
  • Construction Playbook: Although this framework predates the Playbook, a number of the key themes we have introduced chime with the government’s stated aims.


“Established by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) in a unique partnership with digital experts Sopra Steria, we deliver modern corporate services to the NHS, which improve efficiency and quality, save time and money, and support world-class patient care. We are the leaders in our field, with unrivalled knowledge and experience that helps NHS organisations overcome many of the day-to-day challenges they face.”


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