Speller Metcalfe Frameworks

Gloucestershire County Council

Providing building services for public sector organisations.

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Lots: Lot 2 £450k+

Region(s): Gloucestershire

Clients: Gloucestershire County Council


Gloucestershire County Council Contractor Framework provides building services for public sector organisations including Gloucestershire County and District councils, parish and town councils, schools and academies, offices, libraries, day centres, care homes, fire stations and other public buildings within Gloucestershire.


Visit Gloucestershire County Council Framework Website: https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/



Speller Metcalfe and GCC


Speller Metcalfe is an approved contractor for the delivery of:

  • Lot 2: Works over £450k (no upper limit)

Key benefits include:

  • Well established fourth generation framework
  • OJEU compliant
  • Local contractors utilising local supply chains
  • Focus on social value and community engagement
  • Promoting a truly collaborative approach to procurement and best practice project delivery


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