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Speller Metcalfe donated £2000 of equipment which includes a state-of-the-art cross trainer and treadmill following their links with CEO Martin Brennan who previously worked with the construction firm.

Launched six years ago in Tenbury Wells as a boxing club and fitness centre, The Bluestone Centre has since expanded to offer a range of services to the local community alongside the original boxing facilities.

This includes a rehabilitation service for patients with conditions including Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, MS or those who may have had a stroke.

“We set up the rehabilitation service after my wife Rosemarie suffered a stroke in 2011 and I discovered a lack of services were available locally,” said Martin. “There wasn’t any help at the weekends and when we left the hospital to start our recovery process even the wheelchair we were given wouldn’t fit in the car – within a few days I soon realised there was a very limited services of people who could help find a solution.”

A year after the stroke Martin discovered Rosemarie may also lose the use of her arm due to lack of movement and severe pain. Following extensive research into alternative medicine and exercises, he took action and set up Active Neuro Physiotherapy – the extended rehabilitation services now available at the centre.
Sessions are led by Neurological Physiotherapist Liz Bolan and a team of fitness coaches, catering for many types of disabilities. 

“We wanted to offer a follow up service for patients that because of funding or resource restrictions the NHS often finds difficult to provide,” said Liz.

“Too often patients are not given enough time to become fully rehabilitated, and unfortunately many then end up back in wards and the cycle continues. The treadmill and cross trainer will go some way to helping the patients we work with regain their muscle strength and provide long-term support for a range of medical conditions.”

The Centre is currently working with 25 rehab patients throughout the week with the aim of using exercise and fitness to offer long-term solutions.

“We are delighted to be able to work with such a well-established organisation who are clearly benefitting the local community, something we strive to do in our own work,” said Bill Munn, Best Practice Manager at Speller Metcalfe.

He continued: “We wish The Bluestone Centre every success and hope this new equipment will help support those in need of such valuable services.”

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