Joseph Leckie Academy

New 725m² three-storey teaching block


Joseph Leckie Academy

Speller Metcalfe was contracted to construct a new 725m² three-storey teaching block for the Joseph Leckie Academy, incorporating 21 classrooms alongside toilet facilities and offices to accommodate for the growing number of pupils at the school.

Speller Metcalfe was brought in to advise on various design elements including the coordination of steel work connections, pre-cast concrete, the decorative steel staircase and corium brick cladding.

The new cladding system suggested by Speller Metcalfe removed the need for traditional brickwork with the brickwork style cladding simply clipping onto the façade before being pointed off. This also enabled the structure to be watertight faster.

Throughout the duration of works the school remained live, with Speller Metcalfe re-ordering the programme so that critical and potentially disruptive works could be completed during summer holidays with the project still completing within projected timescales.