Speller Metcalfe secures 50 lots on PAGABO Refit and Refurbishment framework

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Speller Metcalfe secures 50 lots on PAGABO Refit and Refurbishment framework

The new Pagabo refit and refurbishment framework has officially named its contractor partners for £1bn of refurbishment works across the country.

The refurbishment works procured through the framework will be valued from £50,000 to schemes in excess of £15 million.

Redditch Police and Fire Hub – Procured through PAGABO Medium Works

Regional contractor Speller Metcalfe has been awarded a place on all of the 50 lots in their operating region, including the West and East Midlands, the South West, areas of the South East outside of London and Central and South Wales.

This is the second generation of the framework, and the new generation includes a number of reserved number of spaces for Small and Medium Enterprises and will run for 4 years.

This framework is a new opportunity for Speller Metcalfe, however the contractor is currently on the second iteration of PAGABO’s Medium Works framework and has a well-established relationship with the provider.

“The team at Speller Metcalfe is delighted to have secured a place on multiple lots under Pagabo’s newest iteration of the Refit and Refurbishment Framework” said Jess Munn, Speller Metcalfe’s Framework and Partnerships Manager. “Having worked with Pagabo for a number of years in the delivery of projects under their Medium Works Framework, we hope that this latest success will give us the opportunity to collaboratively deliver a range of schemes for existing and new clients.”

Finham Park School – Procured through PAGABO Medium Works

A focus on refit and refurbishment in this framework reflects the industry trends and requirement for this type of procurement. In recent years there has been a big push for the refurbishment of existing buildings and retrofitting inefficient stock, much of which includes updating the energy efficiency of these buildings.

Heading into the new financial year, Speller Metcalfe has a key focus on maintaining the strong relationships they hold with clients and framework providers to ensure a robust pipeline of work.

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