First new mental health ward in Worcestershire opens

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First new mental health ward in Worcestershire opens

A £400 million nation-wide scheme known as ‘The Elimination of Dormitories’, is making progress in Worcestershire as it strives to improve the quality of mental health wards in hospitals.

Holt ward, the first new ward at The Elgar Unit in Worcestershire, was opened by Hereford and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust and signifies the completion of the first phase of the £11 million scheme.

Dr John Devapriam, Medical Director at Hereford and Worcestershire Heath and Care NHS Trust said, “We’re delighted to formally open the new Holt Ward today. The updated facilities will improve the therapeutic environment for our patients, enabling personalised care and supporting their right to privacy and dignity while they are with us.”

The ward care for adults who experience acute mental illness and welcomed it’s first patients in 12-months who were previously being care for on an adjacent ward during the project duration. The new private ensuite bedrooms have replaced the out-dated shared sleeping quarters.

Naomi Morgan, Acute Operational Lead for Adult Mental Health Inpatient, Specialist Mental Health & Learning Disability Services said, “The team can’t wait to welcome patients onto the ward. I have visited several times during building work and to see it finished gives me an overwhelming sense of pride. The creation of private, ensuite bedrooms will offer much improved privacy for our patients which in turn, will support them to reach their recovery goals quicker, helping to reduce their length of stay in hospital.”

The team will move on to the second phase of works following a decant period, focusing on Athelon Ward. Both wards form part of the existing Elgar Unit and will provide a total of 30 new bedrooms.

“Our teams are committed to providing state-of-the-art facilities for healthcare and the NHS across the region. We are very proud to be making such an important contribution to the quality of care those suffering with mental ill health receive in Worcester” said Mark Hudgeon, Divisional Director at Speller Metcalfe. “We are pleased to be handing over the first ward at this location and are ready to move forwards towards project completion.”

Speller Metcalfe was appointed to undertake the works by Hereford and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust.

The second phase of the project is set to complete later next year and is designed to meet the BRREAM ‘Very Good’ sustainability standard, demonstrating the commitment the NHS Trust and Speller Metcalfe has to the delivery of environmental best practice.

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