Shared sleeping quarters ‘eradicated’ from Worcestershire’s mental health wards

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Shared sleeping quarters ‘eradicated’ from Worcestershire’s mental health wards

The last remaining dormitory style accommodation has been removed from mental health wards in Worcestershire.

This follows the completion of the ‘Eradicating Dormitories’ programme, a nationally funded scheme to replace shared sleeping quarters in mental health wards, with single-occupancy bedrooms.

Locally it’s seen the transformation of Holt and Athelon, wards run by Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, the main provider of mental health and learning disability services across the two counties.

Both wards, located within the Elgar Unit in Worcester have been redeveloped and now boast modern, private bedrooms for patients, complete with ensuite bathroom facilities.

Dr John Devapriam, Medical Director said, “I am delighted to mark the completion of the Eradicating Dormitories programme in Worcestershire.

“The new facilities have enhanced the therapeutic environment for our patients, improving individual care and supporting their right to privacy and dignity while they are on the ward.”

“There is also evidence to suggest that single room accommodation will help to reduce the time a patient spends in hospital”.

When asked about the new facilities, Charlotte a patient who has experienced both the new and old wards said, “It helps having your own space, having my own room helps with my mental wellbeing”.

Mark Hudgeon, regional director at building contractor Speller Metcalfe, said: “The delivery of this programme marks a two year milestone for the Trust, with the whole team working extremely hard to deliver these much needed, modern facilities for patients.

“As a local contractor who has had many of our staff working at the hospital – as well as using their patient services – we’re delighted to be a part of making this programme a reality.”

A similar programme of work continues in Herefordshire at mental health wards also managed by the trust.

Cantilupe and Mortimer, located within the Stonebow Unit, are two of three wards within the county that have received funding to update their facilities in line with national standards.

Work in Herefordshire is due to complete in Autumn 2024.

Visit the website for more information on the eradicating dormitories programme.

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