Regional contractor Speller Metcalfe receives authorised provider status

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Regional contractor Speller Metcalfe receives authorised provider status

Speller Metcalfe recently joined IPInitiatives at their ‘Opening up IPI’ conference, where the IPI team announced that the Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) model will be available under license.

Insurance Backed Alliancing (IBA) under the IPI Model is a truly collaborative, next-generation standard of procurement and delivery, capable of being applied to a vast range of projects across the public and private sectors.

At the event, Speller Metcalfe was delighted to be recognised as an Authorised Provider of Integrated Project Insurance.

Speller Metcalfe’s contracts manager Alex Garwood-Gowers was also recognised as an IPI practitioner; an individual with this title is on the journey to accreditation and is recognised as the right type of person to undertake an IPI project.

Divisional Director, Rob Lashford, was then awarded the title of Accredited Practitioner, which recognises an individual of more experience and overall understanding of the whole IPI process. Having a number of accredited practitioners on a project means those individuals have the right skillset to enable and educate other team members to work within IPI.

Rob Lashford, Divisional Director of Speller Metcalfe said: “It’s great to see companies and individuals recognised as a providers and practitioners of IPI. There are many benefits of using this model and we would encourage other clients to consider it for their projects. It truly is the future of collaborative construction and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

The appointment of Speller Metcalfe as an Authorised Provider means that they are able to use the IPI model under a project license and are trained to deliver it with the intention of creating ‘superior outcomes.’

This business status, and the correct number of accredited practitioners, means that the project would be able to achieve the unique IPI project insurance, negating the need for PI insurance.

IPI supports innovation by aligning the team around cost, time and quality, and aims to eliminate the blame/claim culture within a project by creating a shared risk, alliance contract between all members of the project team – this allowing freedom for ‘best for project’ decisions to be made.

Louise Lado-Brynes, Director at IPInitiatives said: “Speller Metcalfe has the right approach and skillset enabling us to award the business ‘Authorised Provider Status’. Several team members are currently being coached on a project to become accredited and some are already accredited. A client approaching Speller Metcalfe can be assured that they will achieve the value intended from the IPI model and work with them and other providers to deliver as the contract and model intends.”

Speller Metcalfe has worked on the UK’s first three IPI schemes, including the regeneration of Derby Silk Mill, which went on to win Project of the Year (under £20M) at the 2021 Construction News Awards. The project was an alliance between Speller Metcalfe, Bauman Lyons Architects, GCA Consulting Engineers, IPInitiatives, Preston Barber, Derry Building Services and Core.

Dudley College of Technology has also completed two IPI projects in the past five years, Advance II and the Institute of Technology, with its third underway – a testament to the college’s belief in the IPI procurement route.

IPI has been trialled and promoted by the Government Construction Strategies 2011 and 2016-2020 and has been hailed as a ‘game changer’ for construction.

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