BIM a Year On: Challenges

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BIM a Year On: Challenges

At Speller Metcalfe we have tried to overcome this hurdle by working with specialists from all backgrounds and of all ages; one of our lead BIM champions is just 25, but having been exposed to Revit software at university and now working on the Habberley Learning contract he, (along with other BIM champions), is now responsible for working with other departments to pass on awareness, understanding and training. An example of one such challenge has been for our Estimators to put faith in the model output of quantities rather than undertaking calculations and projected costs themselves.

As well as changing attitudes and training our staff, as an SME just investing in the software has been a large financial undertaking, without the ability to clearly see when return on investment will become visible. However, we are already beginning to understand how savings will be made; clash detection, more efficient working and most notably securing new work through experience of and developed expertise in BIM will certainly impact positively on future cost savings and Company turnover.

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