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SCF Residential






SCF Residential (Southern Construction Framework) is a four-year, £5.16bn framework available to all public bodies in the South East, London and the South West, with a commitment to provide a trustworthy, equitable, and ethical vehicle for framework delivery.

Established in 2021, the framework operates exclusively under Two Stage Open Book (2SOB) tendering, and has been designed to be flexible and responsive to industry pressures, including carbon, MMC and the ongoing housing crisis. The framework has its roots in the 14 year old SCF Construct Framework, which has delivered just under £7billion of construction schemes across the southern regions of the UK.

Public sector organisations can access a full range of residential construction and development solutions including traditional contract or design and build and turnkey end-to-end development, construction, and management services delivered by a supply chain of established, high quality housebuilders and contractors.





Speller Metcalfe and SCF Residential

Speller Metcalfe is an approved contractor for the delivery of schemes of 10 to 75 residential units across Gloucestershire and Bristol.

SCF Residential offers high quality delivery and proven added value, delivered by the public sector for the public sector.

Key benefits include:

  • Demonstrated industry leading performance;
  • Proven on-budget completions via a comprehensive choice of industry leading contractors;
  • Unrivalled technical support delivered by a dedicated framework management team – from first contact to one-year post occupation;
  • Quick route to market while maintaining competitive tension;
  • Flexible approach allowing full breadth of delivery;
  • Quality management process ensures high level of quality despite complex requirements;
  • Cultivation of continuous development from a collaborative and integrated team approach;
  • Flexible means of delivering social and environmental values targeted to the needs of the project;
  • Proactive management of contractor performance through data driven intelligence at project, framework and industry levels;
  • Guarantee resilience – driving innovation in response to rapidly changing client needs.





Contact Jess Munn - Framework Manager

Contact Jess Mun if you want to chat about things and stuff a bit and bob and things of that nature, nice to meet you and seeee you later