Speller Metcalfe supports young people with independent living in Cardiff

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Speller Metcalfe supports young people with independent living in Cardiff

Young people living in Salvation Army temporary accommodation in Cardiff were given extra help towards their move to independence recently.

Those who are enrolled in the Into Work Advice Service’s MILES project were offered the opportunity to take part in a number of workshops which were supported by businesses working in the local area.

The workshops included cooking skills, budgeting skills, DIY skills and how to do basic measuring accurately.

Construction company Speller Metcalfe provided qualified carpenters for the DIY and flat pack furniture sessions, which the young attendees both built and kept to support their independent living.

Comments such as: “Thanks so much, what an amazing experience,” and, “By building this furniture, it has built my confidence,” were truly inspiring to hear and the Speller Metcalfe team was delighted to be a part of the experience.

“Taking part in an initiative like this is so rewarding as we can pass on some simple DIY skills to younger people, which we can see have already made a real difference to them – not just in having a new piece of furniture but in gaining the confidence and understanding of how they can apply these skills in the future,” said Wayne Clayton, site manager at Speller Metcalfe. 

The group also learnt how to cook on a budget using an Air Fryer. All young people who took part were donated a £50 food voucher by Money Advice and an Air Fryer by Adult Learning to keep developing their new cooking skills.

The young people demonstrated excellent use of some numeracy skills throughout the programme, which they can build on to achieve a full numeracy qualification with Adult Learning.

“A special thank you from the young people involved goes to Speller Metcalfe for their time, funding and enthusiasm to help this programme be a success,” said Gareth Speers, manager at Assistance Into Work.

Find out more about the Into Work Advice Service here:  Home – Into Work (intoworkcardiff.co.uk)

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