Hardwick Campus, University of Gloucestershire

The refurbishment of Hardwick Campus


Hardwick Campus, University of Gloucestershire

The works consisted of the extensive removal of asbestos to the redundant swimming pool, followed by complete demolition and site clearance to the area which is adjacent to existing student residential blocks, which has become designated car parking.

The existing sports hall and gymnasium were completely refurbished to create a new arts and photographic facility, including processing rooms, dark rooms, camera stores, offices and art workshops.

Nigel Wichall, Director of Estates for the University of Gloucestershire commented on the success of the project:

“The combined effect of the three projects totalling £3.5m has allowed the University to consolidate accommodation and as a consequence reduce our annual operating cost whilst achieving significant carbon reduction savings. All projects were delivered to time and cost parameters set, which is a significant achievement when reflecting on the complexity of each scheme.”