Work experience with the Marketing team

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Work experience with the Marketing team

This week we were joined by Hannah, a student from Tudor Grange Academy in Worcester. Here she tells us about her experience spending a week working in the Marketing Department.

My Week Working at Speller Metcalfe

Day 1:  I arrived at the office in the morning, where I was introduced to HR Manager Liz who gave me of the necessary information about the company and health and safety information that I needed to keep in mind. I was then taken to the marketing department where I met the people who I would be working with for the week. The atmosphere was immediately very comfortable and friendly. I was first given the task of researching the health and safety campaigns of some of the competitor companies, to see if there were things that could be improved in our own campaign. This allowed me to see how different companies worked to increase the safety of their employees and compare it to what was in place at Speller Metcalfe. I was then given the task of coming up with some ideas for a photo competition that could be run on twitter. This helped me to understand the thought that has to be put into that sort of thing.

Day 2: On Tuesday I was taken to Tibberton First School to accompany a Buzz Sitegear assembly for the children. The idea of this was to see how young children are taught about the dangers around them. I also learned the ideal way to photograph these sorts of events, from a marketing point of view. I was then tasked with designing some t-shirts that could be worn on site. This allowed to me to gain more experience using illustrator and made me think about how things can have many different designs before you find the one that you like best to use.

Day 3: I spent the day on site at Hadwen Medical Centre where I was given the task of taking photos that could be used for marketing and on the website. This allowed me to experience what it was like to be on site and the many photo possibilities that could come from that environment. When I arrived back at the office I was given the chance to edit the photos that I had taken on site. It gave me an opportunity to work in Photoshop and use the skills that I had learned.

Day 4: I spent the morning working on some ideas for how the designs and materials that the company uses for careers days could be improved to make them more appealing to students including banners and USB sticks. This allowed me to use further skills in Adobe llustrator and expand my knowledge of the programme. It also made me think about the different possibilities that I could explore to achieve this.  In the afternoon I accompanied Marketing & Graphic Designer James to Stratford Hospital, which has been built by Speller Metcalfe. Although due to the circumstances I was not able to take many photos I was still able to look around and see what the environment was like and learn things such as the best time to take photos of that kind.

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