Introducing Speller Metcalfe’s “Adopt a School” scheme

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Introducing Speller Metcalfe’s “Adopt a School” scheme

The scheme aims to address the current skills gap in construction and help resolve the challenges that the industry is facing in recruiting younger individuals, particularly women.

The “Adopt a School” programme has given Speller Metcalfe an opportunity to partner with three schools within the main regions that we operate in, including Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the West Midlands. Our aim is to teach students about the range of opportunities available and provide them with the necessary tools to help them get started with their career in construction.

How can the construction industry benefit from “Adopt a School” schemes?

Through creating genuine student engagement, companies can help bring raw talent into the industry. Other benefits include:

• Building goodwill in communities and make people aware of our projects;
• Landing more contracts by meeting any community engagement requirements clients have;
• Identifying the best, brightest and motivated future employees;
• Creating a new and fresh team dynamic, with new ideas and ways of working;
• Creating a succession plan which includes a skilled workforce for the future;
• Giving existing/senior staff an opportunity to help develop their management skills and pass on their own knowledge;
• Improving productivity and morale in the workplace, with enthusiastic and youthful approaches to work;
• Helping bridge current skills gaps.

Hanley Castle High School

In November 2015, Worcestershire school and client, Hanley Castle High School, agreed to work in partnership with us to educate their students on careers in construction.

As a high performing academy and a school with already outstanding results, particularly in the sciences, the school were taken to promoting the more technical roles within the construction industry, although we have also been promoting support roles within the business including procurement, environmental and HR.

Working closely with year 10, 12 and 13 students, we are offering:

• Assemblies on careers in construction;
• Career workshops, with presentations from Speller Metcalfe employees that work across different facets of the Company;
• Summer work experience for year 12 and 13;
• A week’s work experience for year 10;
• Invite to our CPD events;
• Mock job interviews.

The scheme has seen genuine interest from students for a variety of different roles. It has been particularly rewarding to see that nearly 50% of the students attending the workshop and applying for work experience are female. This is an encouraging figure given that women make up only 11% of the construction workforce and is something that we are actively trying to change as a Company.

It is our responsibility to support the younger generation and promote the industry as a whole. We will therefore be inviting Speller Metcalfe staff to take part in the initiative.

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