BIM a Year On: Training

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BIM a Year On: Training

The team undertook a series of external training workshops and personal learning to develop their skills base and knowledge before gaining experience at design stage. Having now trained up an original base of staff we have since identified the various departments that will be trained in BIM and developed a bespoke programme for each. Our BIM project strategy incorporates a training template that follows what our BIM champions have identified as appropriate or relevance to each team, which at top level includes Revit Essentials, Revit Content Creation and Standards and Management training workshops.

We have also developed our resources as learning tool; our BIM library houses a range of articles, journals and reports that will aid in the training process and we are recording any findings, mistake and processes that will contribute to a Speller Metcalfe skills database, as well as any family files (components) previously created which are stored to save time on future modelling.

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