BIM a Year On: The Future

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BIM a Year On: The Future

An ‘as built’ model will provide detailed, embedded O&M manuals that can be accessed through a tablet or Smart mobile device; rather than referring to a traditional O&M manual, client and contractor will be able to extract information regarding any component in the model.

In every room, a type of QR code will be placed for scanning by a Smart device, which will directly lead the user to the appropriate room data sheet. Details can be accessed through the model rather than continually having to refer back to paper-based working and sifting through documents. Moreover, by providing the client with a full digital representation of the building it will make any future changes to the building easier to manage.

Collaboratively, we expect to see a shift in working practise; by integrating working models we are essentially forming closer relationships with our colleagues, partners and clients. This aids in great communication and a more streamlined approach by providing an efficient information model from the start rather than trying to make new data and designs fit an existing design, this model evolves organically.

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