BIM a Year On: Benefits

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BIM a Year On: Benefits

The 3D geometry also enables us to assess energy measures such as airtightness parameters; the model geometry can then be exported into thermal analysis software to assess elements such as building performance and daylight analysis. (In the future, Autodesk is moving towards integrating this and other types of analysis software as part of the Revit package).

By understanding how to apply BIM working, we are able to draw on 3D visualisations, pick apart the model without the limitations of working to specific architectural drawings, schedule with ease and scrutinise any discrepancies. Perhaps most importantly, it has aided our tender process and enabled us to win contracts; most recently we have won a Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 housing development for 10 new build dwellings with Rooftop Housing, which will be designed through BIM and developed by our Living and Ecobuild divisions.

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