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Homes England’s DPS

Launched in 2021, Homes England’s Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System is the biggest DPS of its kind, valued at £20bn and represents Homes England’s largest procurement exercise to date.

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Lots: Up to 70 units

Sectors: Residential

Region(s): ????

Clients: ????


The new delivery partner Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) replaces the existing framework Delivery Partner Panel 3 (DPP3).

The DPS is used to manage the disposal and development of Homes England land, opening Homes England sites up more widely to the market and allowing enhanced flexibility to accommodate market change. The Delivery Partner DPS will also be available to Homes England’s public sector partners to help them procure a developer or contractor to build homes on sites they own. The Delivery Partner DPS introduces different categories of membership to meet different partner needs with simpler criteria for SME developers.


Speller Metcalfe and the DPS

Speller Metcalfe are on the DPS for the delivery of projects of up to 70 units.

Key benefits

As a Delivery Partner DPS member, contractors can tender to develop sites under the Homes England Building Lease or sites owned by other public sector bodies.


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