We strive to minimise environmental impact in our day-to-day business activities

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Our environmental social value is award-winning and our approach to considerate and environmentally-sustainable development is entrenched throughout our business. The three environmental, social value targets we’ve set are:

· Reducing waste

· Reducing our CO2 emissions

· Protecting and enhancing biodiversity and the local environment.

As a building contractor our activities can have a significant impact on the environment, but we can make them a positive one. Our Environmental team work hard to put the right procedures in place to ensure we are meeting – and exceeding – industry regulations, including implementing key initiatives across:


With the construction industry being responsible for a third of all of waste sent to landfill within the UK, we target the highest levels of recycling to ensure that the minimum amount of waste makes it to landfill, with a minimum target of 85%, with Speller Metcalfe currently achieving 92% of all waste diverted from landfill.


At Speller Metcalfe we try and minimise the amount of water we use on our sites by using water-saving products such as push taps, cisternisers in our toilets and installing water meters so we can easily target a 5% reduction in water usage across all of our sites.


As a business, Speller Metcalfe is taking the climate crisis seriously, acknowledging that we have a duty of care. We are committed to achieving Net Zero (Scope 1 & 2 emissions) by 2032 – 18 years ahead of the national target. To reach this goal we have produced a Carbon roadmap that sets our the measures we have in place to help us achieve this target over the next 5 years.


At Speller Metcalfe we aim to maintain existing biodiversity levels through implementing considered protection of flora and fauna on our sites.