Hindlip Hall Gatehouse


Hindlip Hall Gatehouse

This project involved the construction of a new access road and gatehouse for West Mercia Police, purpose-built as the new front of house HQ entrance for the public, visitors and staff.

The new access road is the principle element of this scheme; improving access and egress it enables the HQ site to comply with constabulary guidance on having two access/egress points for any major police establishment.

The project also required a high quality architectural and landscape design, sympathetic to the rural context of the historic estate landscape. Where possible, the design for the building and its services followed the principles of sustainability for low embodied energy and energy use, employing passive techniques and technology where possible, which included:

  • The timber structure, joinery and cladding sourced as locally as possible and from renewable sources;
  • The copper roof employs over 65% recycled materials;
  • Natural thermal control for solar shading, for example the roof overhang above the glazed walls to reduce direct solar gain;
  • Thermal conservation through use of a concrete structure which encourages energy absorbency / re-radient properties;
  • Natural ventilation.